How to Maintain Pest Free Environment?
As said prevention is better than cure, it is better to maintain unfavorable condition for the pest to enter, multiply and create nuisance.
  1. All door gaps (Mainly Main Door Bottom) to be sealed with neoprene gaskets
  2. Good house keeping discourages pests
  3. Electrical cable entries to be sealed properly
  4. Avoid prolonged water stagnation.
  5. Proper ventilation during high or saturated Relative Humidity
  6. Prevent storing of articles in wooden boxes
  7. Drainage points to have water locked U bends.
To protect your belongings and property from the pests, we highlight some interesting facts about pests
  • More people died due to mosquito borne malaria than the casualties of two world wars put together.
  • It is estimated that if ten mosquitoes bite a person per night the population of Mumbai would be loosing approximately 250 liters of blood per night.
  • It has been estimated that 30 baby rats are born against one human being every seconds, there are four rats for each person in India.
  • Next to man, rats are considered to be the most destructive animals on earth.
  • Termites (white ants) have destroyed more structures around the world than natural disasters such earth quakes, fires and storms combined.The combined weight of all the ants on earth is greater than the combined weight of all human beings.
  • Rats carry 18 different parasites and can transmit 35 communicable diseases to man. In Mumbai city alone about 20,000 rat byte fevers are reported every year.
  • One pair of rat can produce 50 to 70 babies per year and if all these babies are left to continue, there will be 1270 rats in one year.

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