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Pre Construction Anti Termite Treatment & Chemical Quotation - Bangalore

Varna Pest Control is a Government approved termite control company based in Bangalore, specialized in applying the termite chemical in BIS standards for large residential, commercial and retail properties for several years. We are also an authorised distributors and applicators for major termite chemicals like Hindustan Insecticides (Hilban), Bayer (Premise), Biflex TC, Chlorpyriphos and other branded termite chemicals.

Chemicals, Rate of Application and Indian Standards
Any of the following chemicals* (conforming to relevant Indian Standards) in water emulsion shall be applied by pressure pumps, uniformly over the area treated.

Concentration by Weight, Percentage
Chlorpyrifos Emulsifiable
(IS 8944 - 1978)
: 1.0
Heptachlor Emulsifiable
Concentrate (IS: 6439 - 1978)
: 0.5
Chlordane Emulsifiable
Concentrate (IS: 2682 - 1984)
: 1.0

* Customers can also specify their chemical choice

Application Technique -
The mixed emulsion will be applied strictly as per the IS 6313 (PART II), 1981 at the following stages as pre-construction treatment.

  1. In foundation pits, we will treat the bottom and sides to a height of about 300 mm (as per Fig. 1) at the rate of 5 Litres per Square Meter.
  2. 7.5 Litre per linear meter in the refill earth on both sides of all built up walls (approx. width 30 cms. and depth 45 cms.) will be applied.
  3. Before the laying the floor the top surface of the consolidated earth within the plinth wall at the rate of 5 Litres per square meter will be applied.
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Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited
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Red Earth Good Living and Hospitality (P) Ltd.
Taj West End Hotel
East Coast Constructions and Industries Ltd.
Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)
Hindustan Aeronautical Ltd.
Sycon Constructions
Bangalore Palace
ChinnaSwamy Stadium
RIO Tinto India
Builders and Construction companies, please request for a pre-construction anti termite treatment quotation to to request for a quote or directly talk to our customer care.